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About the event

Toronto Real Estate Rumble is about fun, fitness, and fund‑raising; based on a proven, successful model for charity fund‑raising, self‑improvement, and community engagement.

The Toronto Real Estate Rumble culminates with an exciting gala evening of sanctioned amateur boxing (Olympic‑style) at CBC Studio 40 in Toronto, featuring amateur fighters drawn from the ranks of the Real Estate Industry, in support of imagine1day / WE Charities.

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We’d like to thank our generous sponsors for making this event possible

Tridel - Built For Life
Accuworx Inc
Sommerville Construction
Macdonald Sager Manis LLP
Empire Communities
33 seven
PNB Law Group
Sun-Brite Drapery
West End Athletic Club

Boxing Ontario Logo24 volunteers (12 men, 12 women), plus 4 alternates (2 men, 2 women) from the Real Estate Industry are trained as licensed amateur boxers (Boxing Ontario is the sanctioning body) for 12 weeks to fight in the ring for charity (“Dancing with the Stars” with punching!)

Recruitment happens 12-weeks before the event. Boxers will be selected based on general fitness, attitude (“Heart”), age (all ages are welcome), weight match‑ups, and rivalry potential. All boxers will be “novices”, that is, they will have had no prior in‑the‑ring boxing experience– All match‑ups are approved by Boxing Ontario and our head trainer.

Participants must clear medicals to be registered as amateur boxers with Boxing Ontario and are covered by Boxing Ontario’s liability insurance.

Volunteer boxers are provided with all necessary training for no charge. All that is required is a commitment to the training, the sale of one table at the event (or equivalent), and the raising of a goal donation to the designated charities, imagine1day / WE.

weeks of training

Training is intensive: élite professional and Olympic boxers, trainers, and coaches provide 12‑weeks of expert instruction– boxing, personal nutrition, strength and conditioning, from some of the best in the business (a $10,000 value!). Boxers are trained in 2 teams (red and blue), each headed by an élite boxing trainer and overseen by a head trainer.

A variety of sponsorship opportunities are made available to the Real Estate Industry community: signage, team sponsorships, logos on ring floor, fight presenters, award presenters, logo on corner pads, bag drop at tables, ad space in the program, after party sponsor, etc.

A fully-produced gala event is held at CBC Studio 40 in Toronto with an upscale, Vegas-style atmosphere: boxing ring, table seating, bar and food, ring announcer, ring card girls, entourage and entrance music for each fighter, media coverage, photographers, etc.

Real Estate Rumble is an opportunity to give something back, to make something possible for yourself, your company, your community, your world.
Experience the pure exhilaration of doing something amazing for a great cause.
A chance to fight for others less fortunate.
A once‑in‑a‑lifetime experience.

About The Cause

In Support of WEWE is a movement that brings people together and gives them the tools change the world. Our unique family of organizations empowers people at home, around the world and with our social enterprise. Being empowered to change the world is what the WE Movement is all about. Taking the pledge on is where it all begins. Join us. We can’t change the world without you.


imagine1day logoimagine1day sends teams of education experts to implement projects in remote communities in rural Ethiopia. They strategically partner with Ethiopians who have a strong vision of the future where all children have a chance to go to school. They spend a minimum of three years on a project to make sure efforts are sustainable. imagine1day has an approach that runs deeper than just bricks and books.

How can you participate?

Be a contender

Here’s your chance to do something truly extraordinary.
Here’s your chance to test your mental courage and your physical stamina.
Here’s your chance to get into the best shape of your life.
Call out your rivals. Show the world what you’ve got.
Step through the ropes and duke it out like the Olympian you know you are!

Here’s how you can fight in the Toronto Real Estate Rumble

  1. Show up for Recruitment Night on Monday August 28th 2017, 7:00pm at Clancy’s Boxing Academy. Meet the coaches and trainers. Fill out our questionnaire, get assigned a number, have your picture taken. All ages, weight-classes, men and women are welcome to try out.
  2. The following day show up for our 2-week Evaluation Boot Camp. Over the course of 2-weeks you will be evaluated by our coaches and trainers (strength and conditioning and boxing) during sessions in the gym and on the hills at Riverdale Park—do you have the heart and desire? the general fitness? the ability to learn and take instruction?
    • First night of evaluation training begins on Thursday September 7th & Tuesday September 12th at Riverdale Park – 6:30pm-7:30pm.
    • Friday September 8th & Wednesday September 13th at Clancy’s Boxing Academy 7:30-8:30.
    • Final Team selections will be announced Monday September 18th.
    • Official 10 weeks of team training will start.
  3. Make the team. Red Team is captained by Mark Simmons (5x National Champion, Medalist – Olympic, Pan Am and Commonwealth Games). Blue Team is captained by Mandy Bujold (2x Pan Am Gold Medalist, 9x National Champion, Canadian Olympic Team). Finalists will be chosen based on weight and age match-ups (must be no more than 10 years and 10 pounds apart), rivalry potential, general fitness, boxing IQ, “heart” and desire. All match-ups are approved by our Head Trainer, Rico Mancini, and by Boxing Ontario, the sanctioning body. Finalists will be informed by email.
  4. Start training. The following 10-weeks will be spent training for your fight—boxing basics, strength and conditioning, nutrition. All trainers must be Toronto Real Estate Rumble trainers. No outside trainers are permitted. All boxing training will be held exclusively at Clancy’s Boxing Academy. Boxers are expected to commit to the training schedule. Before sparring can begin boxers are expected to pass medicals with their doctor and receive amateur credentials from Boxing Ontario.
  5. Raise $1,000 for imagine1day / WE Charities. Each boxer is required to raise $1,000 for the charity. Similar to fun-runs and other charitable events, an online “Donor Page”, linked to this site, will be created for each boxer so that co-workers, friends and family can find their fighter’s name, open their fighter’s personal page, and donate electronically in support of their fighter. The Donor Page will show how much the fighter has raised towards their goal.

Register Now to Box, and Save Time on Recruitment Night!

So you think you’ve got what it takes to be a contender in the Toronto Real Estate Rumble? If that’s a resounding YES then please fill out the form below and we will contact you with any relevant information you’ll need to get ready for the event in November. Also, if you’d like our team to come in and do a lunch-and-learn at your company, email us at

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Sponsor a great cause and an exciting event



What’s in it for you?

Here’s an opportunity to associate your brand with an amazing night and a worthy charitable cause. Network with a who’s-who of Toronto Real Estate. Expose your brand to potential clients and customers. Enhance your company’s image within the industry. Demonstrate your commitment to making the world a better place in which to live. This is an opportunity to give something back, to make something possible for those less fortunate, for the children of Ethiopia.

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The Coaches & Trainers

Rico Mancini


With more than 30 years experience teaching and coaching various martial arts and boxing, we are very excited to have Rico head our coaching team. Rico is a Level 4 coach (currently working on Level 5) who organizes and teaches NCCP level 1-3 technical boxing workshops to coaches province wide.

Rico’s technical and organized method of instruction along with his friendly attitude and dedication to the sport of amateur boxing will help these teams gain the skills of pugilism over this intense 12 week program.

Mark Simmons


Mark started boxing at the age of 5 at the former Toronto Newsboys Boxing Club in downtown Toronto having his first fight in 1979. Boxing competitively for 21 years, Mark had over 225 fights, spending 8 years on the Senior National Team, with 5 of those years as the Canadian Heavyweight Champion. Winning a Gold Medal at the 1998 Commonwealth Games, Silver Medal at the 1999 Pan Am Games 5th place finish at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.


Mandy Bujold


Nine times Canadian Champion, Pan-Am Gold medalist, and member of Canada’s Olympic Boxing Team, Mandy won her first junior national title in 2006. One year later, she was the senior national champion and also won gold at the American Women’s Continental Championships. Mandy made her debut at the Women’s World Championships in 2008. She won gold at the 2011 Pan American Games. In 2014 she captured bronze at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Mandy successfully defended her Pan Am Games title at Toronto 2015, winning gold in the final. Mandy went on to earn her Olympic berth with a gold medal at the American Continental Qualifier in March 2016.

Jason Fisher


Jason is a Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist, and Director of High Performance for the Canadian & Ontario Soccer Association.

  • Trained two-time NBA MVP, Steve Nash, the Canadian all-time leading NCAA basketball points scorer, Juan Mendez, and 2006 Seattle Supersonics draft pick, Denham Brown
  • Regular appearances on CP24’s ‘Perfect Fit’
  • Featured in magazines such as, Chatelaine, Toronto Life and Homemakers
  • Head Conditioning Coach Agency Wars I-II

Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe


Jennifer Van Barneveld (aka “Coach JVB”) is an online trainer, diet coach, and competitive bikini/physique contest prep specialist. Her clients have ranged from professional athletes, competitive fitness/physique athletes, weekend warriors, and MMA fighters. Her focus is on having each and every one of her clients embrace both fitness and nutrition by having the two elements work synergistically (and realistically) to achieve optimum results. As an accomplished fitness model, Coach JVB now lends her expertise as a Master Trainer and Nutritionist to her many clients across North America. Coach JVB is assisting with the nutritional plans for the boxers of Agency Wars by looking to keep them properly nourished as they embark on 12 weeks of boxing training for their moment in the ring.

Who we are

Who are the people behind Toronto Real Estate Rumble?

Brennan Wood is a founding partner at Foundry Mortgage Capital, a boutique commercial mortgage brokerage that provides real estate financing solutions across Canada. He was voted top commercial mortgage broker in Canada in 2016 and consistently ranks among the top volume commercial brokers in Canada according to CMP.

The Idea & Inspiration behind our story…

A couple of stressful years after starting his own brokerage Brennan noticed he had fallen out of shape. Having tried the tedious gym routine he decided to give boxing a try in order to regain his health. Along with a nutrition plan and dedication to classes at Clancy’s Boxing Academy Brennan lost 50 pounds in 12 weeks! He wanted to share this experience with other people and through discussions with his colleagues and coaches developed the idea for Real Estate Rumble.

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Marcel Greaux is real estate entrepreneur, philanthropist and Managing Director of Garrison Hill Developments. Garrison Hill Developments is a boutique Toronto based real estate development firm, with a focus on assembly and re-development of residential and mixed use urban infill renewal projects.

The reason for selecting ‘The Cause’ behind our story…

In 2006, at a Real Estate Industry event attended by over 500 investors, Marcel was called to the stage without notice to share his ‘Flora Fauna’ written interpretation of his personal Belize (BIG Goals). Between the moment his name was called to come on stage and the standing ovation after he read his Belize to the audience, it became very real… “I declared to the Ethos, I was going to build a school in Ethiopia, Africa….I had no money, and no idea how, with whom, where or when”. I had a why.

Fast forward to 2016, after a cold call, several meetings and a trip their Vancouver based office. I found my partner, imagine1day: a Canadian charity with a big goal: By 2030, all Ethiopian children have access to quality education, free of foreign aid. We shared a similar value that education (free from foreign aid) can transform a nation. Their integrity resonated with me since 100% of my raised dollar goes directly to school projects thanks to Chip & Shannon Wilson who pay for all administration & operational costs. In 2017, the Greaux Foundation and Garrison Hill Developments contributed 50% of funds ($17,500) towards an Early Childhood Education school in Freselam, Tigray region of Ethiopia and construction has begun.

When I over-heard the conversion in my collogues offices about a real estate boxing event, I immediately asked if the proceeds could go towards supporting the imagine1day charity….before I could finish my story on why I was supporting imagine1day, my collogues Daniel and Brennan both agreed!

In that instance….The inspiration, the collaborative ‘Go BIG’ event idea and reason for the cause we would support was born.

Join us on our journey to re-invent the real estate industry networking, support the spirit of competition as the train and ‘sweating for a cause’… that will help impact the transformation of a nation on the other side of the planet.

Watch. Box. Sponsor.

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Daniel Mandel is the founder and President/Principal Broker of Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc. Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc. Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc. is a Toronto-based mortgage brokerage that utilizes a forward-thinking and innovative approach to client’s private mortgage needs. Concrete Mortgage Capital Inc. specializes in infill- construction, 1st and 2nd residential mortgage, land assemblies, rental properties, commercial, and industrial mortgages.

The Collaborative ‘Let’s Go BIG’ Idea behind our story….

After a long day of work I was sitting with Brennan talking about how there needs to be more events in the real estate industry that bring more of the industry as a whole together to network and mingle but that there needed to be more to it then just your standard event if we wanted to attract the entire real estate industry. We were throwing around a few ideas and Brennan had just been through an amazing life transformation at Clancy’s and thought maybe we could get them involved in some way as his new passion and work out regiment had led him to meet many other young real estate professionals, vwalla lets throw a real estate/ boxing event other industries have done it why shouldn’t we.

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Creators of “Agency Wars” – Since 2009, 7 sold-out, annual amateur boxing events for charity in Toronto, featuring boxers drawn from the ranks of Toronto’s Advertising, Marketing and Media Industries, with over $125,000 raised for Ronald McDonald House Charities–Toronto
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